3 shot progress

Maya thought it’d be fun to crash and corrupt my files, so i switched to 2D animation and I’m having far more fun with it

here are some character sheets and the first two shots of animation

roxi sheet.pngChris sheet.png

wip 1.gif



ROTTEN 2D stills and skirt progress

I’ve also been helping Holly with her 3rd year film- here are the stills I provided! ( with a couple that needed to be changed and aren’t being used, but kinda wanna show them anyways )

and the two unused ones

and some of the skirt animation i’ve done~

floaty skort


3 shot story project

long time no post, hi again~

heres some progress on the next project

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some rough story board work

notes on character personality and the narrative

summary and character descriptions

aes tests

and a colour test~



I’ve been working on the transferring of weight before the run and after it, if you have anymore suggestions let me know!